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To celebrate the release of UNIVERSKIN™ H, a supercharged hyaluronic serum that works to hydrate and protect the skin against ageing and skin damage, All Saints Skin Clinic has created the ultimate three-step post-summer skin hydration package for only $145.

Our elite skin team embraces a holistic solution to skincare. The three-step skin offer is the perfect anecdote, featuring a Visia Complexion Analysis consultation, Healite II LED Phototherapy treatment, and the UNIVERSKIN™ H serum.

Let us take you through the hydrating skin journey in finer detail…

VISIA Complexion Analysis

1. VISIA Complexion Analysis consultation

Everyone’s skin is different and which is why we begin our skin journey with a personalised consultation with one of our highly trained skin therapists.

Our consultations include a VISIA Complexion Analysis that looks both above and below the skin’s surface to give us an overall picture of your skin’s health.

  • Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven Texture
  • Pores
  • Redness (colour variation in skin tone)
  • Porphyrins (presence of bacteria in pores)
  • UV Spots (caused by sun damage)
  • Brown Spots

The VISIA Complexion Analysis ensures we establish your journey with a descriptive and detailed understanding of your skin’s condition. Our team will then be able to determine the right treatments and best products specific for your skin concerns. Through the VISIA Complexion Analysis we also carefully analyse the results, changes, and improvements made to your skin throughout the course of your journey.

Universkin H serum

2. UNIVERSKIN™ H serum

UNIVERSKIN™ H serum is the ultimate booster that gives your skin long lasting hydration. It works against ageing, repairs skin damage and results in plump, firm, and glowing skin.

The H serum works to amplify hydration in the skin through the following three dimensions:

1. Replenish

2. Regenerate

3. Preserve

UNIVERSKIN™ H can be used on its own or integrated into your own customised Universkin serum and daily skincare regimen for that extra hydrating boost.

Healite II LED Light Therapy

3. Healite II LED Light Phototherapy treatment

Healite II LED Light Phototherapy treatment is one of the most advanced and effective LED light treatments. The non-invasive LED light targets the light receptors in our cells, converting it to energy, thus offering an instant skin boost. It also increases the healing process to rejuvenate and improve hydration, circulation and oxygenation.

The phototherapy can also assist with fine lines, sun damage, circulation, collagen stimulation, wound healing, scar reduction, uneven skin texture, pore size reduction, dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo, rosacea and redness.

Dr Joseph Hkeik talks about why All Saints Skin Clinic features the VISIA Complexion Analysis, UNIVERSKIN and discusses the benefits of the UNIVERSKIN™ H serum. 

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This incredible skin management offer is available until Friday, 3 April 2020.

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