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Stress on Skin discussed by Dr Joseph Hkeik

Dr Joseph Hkeik shares some advice on what kind of products we should be applying and avoiding on our skin during stress.

With the current health crisis, some of us are going through a tough time. Stress can cause damage and barriers to the skin’s condition which can manifest itself in different ways, for example eczema and psoriasis. This is why we have a range of products to suit all types of skin concerns.

Universkin and COSMEDIX, both mentioned and recommended by Dr Joseph, are two premium skincare brands available at All Saints Skin Clinic.

We offer free delivery and you can now order online at All Saints Shop.


SkinXS is a digital platform where our doctors gather all the information of our patient’s history and facial skin dysfunctions. Through this do-it-yourself online skin analysis, we are then able to develop an All Saints Skin Clinic-customised DIY Home Facial Peel.

Start your DIY Home Facial Peel journey now and complete your SkinXS online skin analysis here.

For more information please contact our team at INFO@ALLSAINTSCLINIC.COM.AU or call us on +61 2 9696 5050.


  • elena susanto
    9 June 2020

    I saw Sigourney Cantelo’s beauticate instagram where she has a custom-made skin care /serum with Universkin. How do I do this and what is the cost? thank you.


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