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We are very excited to welcome Dr Deborah Davis to the All Saints Skin Clinic team.

Dr Davis comes to us with a wealth of medical and cosmetic knowledge and experience.

She is highly regarded in the industry and considered an expert in her field for the effective removal of spider veins on the legs using sclerotherapy, and implementation of laser treatments to correct cosmetic concerns such as sun damaged skin, facial capillaries and redness, birthmarks, nose veins, freckling and pigmentation, skin tags and other unwanted lumps and bumps.

Dr Deborah Davis

Did you know that 80% of women suffer from leg veins? We decided to bring this treatment to your attention now, as sclerotherapy is one of our recommended Winter Treatments. There’s no better time to improve the appearance of your legs than when you’re rugged up and wearing leggings or full-length pants.

Dr Deborah Davis is now available to perform sclerotherapy and laser treatments at all our clinics – Double Bay, Darlinghurst and Parramatta.

Sclerotherapy Before & After

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment for unsightly, visible and damaged veins that appear on the legs of most women as we age.

“A strong salt water solution is injected into these unwanted veins, causing them to collapse and disappear,’ shares Dr Deborah Davis. “This results in temporary bruising at the injection sites which disappears over a week or two.”

“Sclerotherapy guarantees results with surface veins, reticular veins and even small varicose veins. Lasers are NOT effective for treating superficial leg veins.”

Sclerotherapy Before & After

Is it safe?

Sclerotherapy is a low risk, high patient satisfaction, injectable treatment.

The great thing about using saline (salt water), rather than chemicals, to treat unwanted veins is that there is no systemic toxicity, no risk of allergy, minimum side effects and no maximum limit in dosage, allowing for extensive treatments with improved patient convenience and satisfaction.

Sclerotherapy results

Are there any side effects?

Patients will experience some stinging during the treatment and bruising post-treatment. Laughing gas is available, if needed, to minimise discomfort.

Light compression stockings, or skins (for men), must be worn for 11 days after each treatment to constrict the veins and improve results.

How long is a treatment?

The treatment takes up to 60 minutes.


How many treatments will I need?

Initially, most patients need two treatments, six weeks apart: usually one main treatment with a smaller follow up treatment. Maintenance treatments may be required over the years to maintain this improvement.

Medicare rebates may apply.

CALL US ON 1300 142 536 OR EMAIL INFO@ALLSAINTSCLINIC.COM.AU to learn more or to book an appointment with Dr Deborah Davis at All Saints Skin Clinic Double Bay, Darlinghurst or Parramatta.


  • Stethea Grobler
    18 June 2020

    I would like to enquire about leg vein treatment cost with Dr Davis.
    Kind regards

    • Jodie
      7 October 2020

      Need quote for removal of spider veins in my upper leg area. I sent pics to the Sydney vein Institute and they recommended I contact you.

  • Jon Simpson
    23 June 2020

    What maintenance treatment is usually required to maintain the skin?

  • La Jolla Vein Care
    27 August 2020

    Great post, Very informative blog thank you for sharing this article with us.



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