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Dr Joseph Hkeik featured on That Beauty Podcast. Here is all it is about:

Who doesn’t have a million questions about dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections? Luckily we got the best in the biz, Dr Joseph Hkeik from All Saints Clinic, to join us (virtually) to talk about the differences between the two, the ways you didn’t even realise you could use them (think: face slimming, and treating things like head/neck pain, TMJ and chronic dark circles), and why it’s very, very important to know the person behind the needle has the right credentials before doing anything. Oh, and, as promised, why preventative anti-ageing injections in your 20s isn’t a thing. Hit that glorious play button to get all the goods.

Your hosts: Carli Alman & Bettina Tyrrell.

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Special thanks to our guest, Dr Joseph Hkeik.

Produced by: Bettina Tyrrell.

Have a listen to the podcast here on: Apple and Spotify.

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