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Our lips can have a dramatic impact on our look. Here at All Saints Skin Clinic we offer natural-looking aesthetic solutions to the face such as our Lip Augmentation procedure. Our bespoke solutions are catered to the needs and desires of each of our clients, and we have been receiving growing interest from our male clients for non-surgical aesthetic skin treatments such as lip fillers.

As we age our lips naturally get thinner. This male client had concerns about the gradual thinning of his upper lip, a trait inherited from his father. Dr Cath Porter assisted by helping him achieve a more natural and proportionate look.


Dr Porter’s expertise and knowledge have allowed her to understand that each individual has different concerns, and this specific client wanted to achieve a fuller-looking upper lip, while still maintaining the male shape and structure.

Men’s lips are less full and less rounded compared to those of women’s, the cupid’s bow also tends to be flatter, with an increasing distance between the nose and lip.


This client’s look was achieved through a subtle 1ml increase in volume of dermal filler injected in to the upper lip, however he will likely need to frequent another one or two more sessions to achieve his aesthetic goal.

Slightly fuller and softer looking lips can make all the difference, and our expert doctors are here to help you achieve your ideal look.

Contact us for more information about Lip Augmentation or to book an appointment with Dr Cath Porter who is available at our Darlinghurst clinic.

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