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Dr Joseph Hkeik standing in Le Petit Saint, the double bay beauty concept store.
Dr Joseph Hkeik standing in Le Petit Saint, the double bay beauty concept store.

At All Saint Clinic and Le Petit Saint, we nurture and celebrate your unique beauty and the power of being you. We believe that the path to true beauty cannot be taken without looking after your own wellbeing, including your body, mind and soul.

As an aesthetic physician, clients often come to me with the aim of achieving the highest level of ‘beauty’, citing celebrities, models and influencers as their aesthetic inspiration. However, what they fail to see is the key element that makes them beautiful – individuality.

That’s why I believe that no beauty treatment or skincare regime is a one-size-fits-all. Our approach here at Le Petit Saint and All Saint Clinic is to cater to your specific needs. The power of being yourself is that your beauty cannot be bought, replicated or taken by others. There is no such thing as the perfect nose or a flawless face, and true beauty lies within being yourself and valuing your uniqueness.

With our focus being on your own individual beauty, we are so excited to introduce to you the highly-anticipated Universkin Digital Dispensing Service – a brand new, revolutionary beauty service, now available exclusively at Le Petit Saint. A fully bespoke skincare regime is personalised for your unique needs and a special freshly-compounded formula is created by the experts at Universkin, tailored to meet each of your skin’s requirements.

Kick-start your journey by completing our questionnaire at www.skinxs.com/diag/dr-hkeik, which will help determine the actives to be integrated into your unique formula. Then visit our team at Le Petit Saint or call 02 9055 7768 to make an appointment to receive your new skincare regime. Our team of beauty experts are looking forward to welcoming you to the atelier to offer you a luxurious skincare experience like no other.


For a limited time only, there is a special early bird offer for everyone who purchases a personalised face serum from Le Petit Saint in the first week (or first twenty orders). If you’re among the first, you get a free Universkin H serum (valued at $55) using the promo code ALLSAINTS. In addition, we’re holding a special competition where the winner will be selected at random to win a voucher for a free personalised face serum. These two offers can be combined, meaning you have the possibility to win both the Universkin H and Your Universkin bespoke face serum! To participate, fill out the online skin questionnaire today at www.skinxs.com/diag/dr-hkeik.


By Dr Joseph Hkeik 

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