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As we age the face looses its youthful contours. Dr Joseph Hkeik is an expert in the structural anatomy of the face. His early training as a sculptor and his advanced medical training frame his holistic aesthetic approach to facial aging:

“As we age we start to loose the structural integrity of the face. The skin thins and structural changes, including the flattening of the epidermis, reduction of collagen, decreased elasticity and a decrease in the retention of water, all contribute to the appearance of aging.

We also loose sub-dermal fat as we age. Redistribution, accumulation, and atrophy of fat all lead to facial volume loss.”

The ‘Elite Skin Team’, led by Dr Joseph Hkeik, brings together leading experts in structural solutions. With a prescriptive approach to addressing all the underlying causes of facial aging, All Saints Skin Clinic brings together the best medical and aesthetic treatments for facial rejuvenation.

Read more about the anatomy of facial aging; Aging Changes of the Face and Neck by Pierre Nicolau

According to Pierre Nicolau’s paper Anatomy and the Aging Changes of the Face and Neck, “Loss of forehead skin elasticity and subcutaneous fat…results in apparent skin redundancy and pronounced frown lines.”

He notes…“protrusion and sagging of fat, muscles, and skin; prominent nasolabial folds; deeper and more vertically sloped nasolabial crease; loss of jawline contour with formation of jowls. These changes result in loss of the arches of the face that define the youthful appearance.”