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Thread Lift before and after
Thread Lift before and after

The technology of utilising threads with the Thread Lift treatment, to tighten and reposition loose or sagging skin has advanced significantly over the past few years, resulting in an increase in demand and popularity.

Two common Thread Lift procedures include the monofilament / non-barbed threads (stimulates collagen and improves skin texture and thickness) and the barbed / cogged threads (lifts and repositions tissue to a more natural point of origin).

The threads are designed to be broken down by the body over time. In the process of breaking down the threads, your body is stimulated to produce collagen in its place through a physiological process called neocollagenesis.

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive medical procedure and considered virtually pain free with the use of topical / local anaesthesia to ensure you feel comfortable, with low down time and reliable results. There may be minor risks involved which your doctor will discuss with you at length so you can make an informed decision.

Utilising threads for the purpose of skin tightening and lifting has revolutionised their use in both facial and body rejuvenation. It is a low-risk procedure with high rates of satisfaction.

By Dr Stephen Crimston


  • Mary Barker
    7 August 2021


    I was interested in the non surgical nose job. Which clinic does this get performed in?


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